We would love to help you design a space you can enjoy for years to come!

We specialize in kitchen renovations. We don't shy away from a challenge, whether in structure or design. We will find a way to make your kitchen as beautiful and functional as possible. We have an experienced team that will work hard to provide you with an end result that you will love.


Just like our kitchens we pride ourselves in creating bathroom spaces that will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will be functional and last for years to come. We only use the highest quality materials for waterproofing our bathrooms so you will never need to worry about water problems later on down the road.


We have constructed many porches and decks during our time in business. All of them have been different and presented challenges that we have met with enthusiasm. Our desire is to create a remarkable space for our customers that is built to last. 

Stickler Construction LLC